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Clubs & Programs


Band- Jeremy Brown

We strive to become better through the pursuit of musical excellence. "Better today than yesterday.....Better tomorrow than today." There is no fee for band, however, students will choose to rent an instrument from the local music company for class. If a student is unable to afford the rental, an instrument will be provided if at all possible.

Choir- Ashlee Sexton 

To enrich the students' understanding of music and encourage vocal development. We practice here at school during the regular school day. Concert dates to be announced. I do request a $10.00 donation. 

Drama- Mrs.Sexton and Mrs.Lockwood

Our drama program is a place for various levels of talent and stage confidence. The stage is a place where students can excel artistically, whether in set design and construction or dramatically as they develop characters on stage. Our drama club members collaborate together as cast and crew to produce a hard-earned, successful production during the fall and spring semesters. A $25.00 fee is required to purchase the scripts and tshirts. Drama is available to students in grades 5-8.

Elementary FCA- Mrs.Fryer               Middle School FCA- Ms.Marks

FCA provides its members with the opportunity and challenge to serve Jesus Christ in their relationship here at school. Middle school (6-8) FCA meets every Wednesday morning at 6:45 in the library. Elementary FCA (K-5) meets every Thursday morning at 6:45 in the Library.

JR Beta Club-Ms.Bozeman, Ms.Marks, Ms.Smith, Ms.Boswell 

Good News Club-Ms.Dye  


Baseball- Coach: Ryan Hill              Assistant Coach: Phillip Bramlage

Boy's Basketball- Coach: Tamikia White           Assistant Coach: Sam Presley

Girl's Basketball- Coach: John Fisher

Bowling- Coach:Allison Croenne

Cheerleading- Molly Grace Marks and Teri Bozeman

Cross Country- Jeri Ann Roberson  and Maggie Passman

Football- Coach: Carson Hackett

Golf- Melissa Granstaff

Boy's Soccer- Coach: Cory Freeland     Assistant Coach: Bob Zenker

Girl's Soccer- Coach: Jaqueline Crisp      Assistant Coach:Bob Zenker

Softball- Coach: Jessica Roper           Assistant: Bailey Hasty

Tennis- Kalli Sluder

Track- Jonathan Booher

Volleyball-   Coach: Hannah Hildreth       Assistant: Lacey Norwood

Wrestling- Cory Freeland